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Data recovery and restoration service in Springfield, MA

Computers that have either lost data or inaccessible data do to a bad hard drive or virus can have the data recovered in a safe manner with my advanced data recovery service. Using specialized equipment and software I can recover data from damaged, corrupted and accidentally reformatted (erased) hard drives. I have been specializing in this type of service for 14 years and have the expertise necessary to successfully recover data in most situations. I do not have a level 3 clean room for taking the drive apart, I do not open the drive, I do have enclosures designed for recovery and recover software that meets industry standards for professional data recovery service.

General data recovery is usually under a $100, if the drive is damaged or corrupted the cost can range from $100 to $200. Customers will be able to verify all their data has been successfully recovered before paying for the service, no money is needed up front to start the recovery process. If the drive is to badly damage for me to do a recovery I can refer people to a trustworthy forensic laboratory, this is a level 3 repair clean room in the Eastern part of Massachusetts. A level 3 clean room recovery costs between $1000 to $3000, many of them want money upfront and can not guarantee data recovery.

I will not structurally alter or reconfigure the file system in my attempt to do a recovery. I do not allow my computers OS to automatically alter the hard drive in anyway, this helps assure that if the drive needs further service a forensic laboratory or level 3 clean room will be able to successfully recover the data.

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