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All of Springfield, MA is covered with computer repair house call service - 9/10/2013

Most computer repair house call services only show up so they can take your computer with them to do the repairs. If your computer has a fast fixable problem you probably would fix it your self. Always insist on knowing the real name of the person you are handing your computer over to, ask to see their drivers license. I have hard countless stories of people handing their computers over to fly by night computer repair services in Western Mass, only to never hair from these scammers again. Know exactly who your dealing with, your computer is worth a lot more then just its material value, it has personal information that could lead to indemnity theft and bank fraud. Get a receipt for your property in hand writing by the person taking your computer for repair. If they do not want to show you their drivers license, at least write down their license plate number, honest computer technicians will understand and respect your concerns.

I provide all of my customers with my identity information, know one ever has to ask me who I am and were do I work and live.

I understand a lot of people in Springfield, MA do not drive because of their city living life style or they work out of their homes and need a computer repair technician that is willing to make a house call. I have been providing Springfield, MA with computer repair house call service for over 12 years. Being from Springfield, MA and living right beside it in Chicopee, I am able to provide a fast and inexpensive solution for all the computer repair needs the people of Springfield, MA have.

Computers that are not that badly corrupted can usually be repaired on site, if the computer is badly corrupted with a virus or faulty hardware it may need to be taken to my local repair shop for repair. Customers can ether drop off the computer at my repair shop or I can pick it up for them and return it to them the next day after the repairs have been made.

Computer repair technicians that are not familiar with Springfield, MA do not like making house calls to the area and will charge extra for the house call service. The infrastructure in Springfield is constantly changing making it hard for GPS systems to give accurate directions. The city also does not do a very good job at keeping the roads paved and plowed. The street sign system is confusing and often the street signs are missing. People living in Springfield are used to this and think nothing of it, but for people who are not from the greater Springfield, MA area it is hard to get around and find the homes.

I have lived and worked in Springfield, MA for many years and do not need to rely on GPS to get around, this means I am able to keep my appointment on time and do not have to charge extra for the city commute.

Internet connection troubleshooting is a service I provide to people living in Springfield MA, whether people use Comcast or another wireless ISP for their internet service. I can fix most problems associated  with a faulty internet connection or wireless (WiFi) internet connection. Small business networking services are also provided to business in Springfield, MA by my computer repair service.

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