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End telemarketing solicitation forever

How to stop telemarketers from calling businesses and personal cell phones - 9/12/2013

Telemarketers are like cockroaches, they will never completely go away, but they can be kept under control. Politicians rely on telemarketing for raising votes and campaign contributions, this is why the federal do not call list does not work. Respectable businesses have resorted to using automated answering systems to avoid telemarketers only to find out they are loosing business and frustrating the public. I am going to help businesses and the public put this to a stop.

What to do,

I have been dealing with these problems all my life, I am 45 years old. I have worked for many different business were answering the telephone was part of my job description. Dealing with telemarketers has wasted my time and peace of mind. I have figured out how to make these annoying telemarketing phone calls stop for everybody. Managing a computer repair service I have found out through trial and error you have to fight fire with fire, never hang up, follow these three simple steps and within a few weeks you will start to see a major decline in the amount of telemarketing scams you are receiving.

Text solicitations by fair have to be the worst, there is nothing worse then driving a car and all of a sudden some fake scam company sends you something that looks to be an important message, it could even be a false alarm Amber alert. As a result the driver gets totally distracted and ends up in a car accident. State authorities need to understand when they send out these text alerts a lot of people are going to be distracted when driving, they need to stop sending out false alarms to the motoring public. Maybe if people were able to sew other people for sending them text messages when they are driving which cause them to get into an auto accident, there could be a way to get this problem under control, don't text me or else.

Fortunately, I completely turn off my cell phone when driving my car, nobody needs to worry about contacting me when I am driving.

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