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Used laptops and computers for sale in Springfield MA, trade or sell a laptop computer, consignment available

Low priced modern used laptops fully warranted readily available, 30 day money back warranty on all laptop sales.

I do not buy or sell tablets, net-books or Mac's - I do buy PC laptops that run Windows and have a CD or DVD drive, desktop computers included.

I trade and barter laptops and computers, sell your old or broken laptop computer or let me fix it for free and sell it on consignment.

I do not buy or sell stolen merchandise, people selling their computers to me must have a valid Massachusetts drives license.  With that said, please do not contact me if you are trying to locate a stolen computer, check the pawn shops. I keep a detailed record of all sales for the local police. I have never had a problem buying or selling computers and I plan to keep it that way.

On average I charge less then $175 for a fully functional modern up to date laptop with a DVD burner. Please do not contact me if you are trying to sell a used laptop for more then $150, I do not buy Apple laptops or tablets. I buy both broken and well working laptops, as well as computer parts, everything will be thoroughly tested before I buy or sell it. If you have an extremely nice laptop that is worth a lot, we maybe able to sell it on consignment in order to get you top dollar.

I fix broken laptops free of charge and sell them on consignment, people give me their broken laptop or computer for 30 days to sell, if I do not sell it they can have it back fully repaired free of charge. Don't get to excited, I sell everything fast, selling on consignment is the best way to get top dollar for a laptop.

People that are worried about their personal data being retrieved need not worry, I fully reformat all hard drives on computers that are being resold. This insures that anyone who comes in contact with your old laptop will not be able to extract your personal information. All computers undergo a hard reformat prier to being resold, this is a 100% absolute guarantee.

I do not use Ebay or any other outside distributors to market or sell laptops or computers. I have been in business for 14 years and have a wide variety of customers contacting me for used laptops. I also need these things for their parts, two broken laptops equal one working laptop.

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