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Laptop hardware repair and laptop software configuration service in Springfield, MassachusettsLaptop DC power jack soider gun pcb

Laptop hardware such as, hard drives, LCD screens, keyboards and motherboards are all repaired by my service. Loose DC power jacks connected to the laptop motherboard are also repaired by replacing the part. Laptop virus removal and operating system configuration is serviced as well.

Laptop hard drive replacements and laptop virus removal are my most competitively priced services. No one charges less for these services then me, however, my DC power jack repair service can get expensive and I do charge a premium for this service compared to other laptop repair shops. This is because there is only one way to fix these things right, fixing them correctly involves a lot more work then just applying a band aid fix. I will only use brand new OEM factory parts for replacing LED screens and keyboards, this again can get expensive compared to other repair shops.

I have learned over my 14 years of experience that using used refurbished or after market parts from Ebay is nothing but trouble. Using brand new factory parts maybe a little more money upfront but will save people lots of money in the longrun. Ordering factory parts also takes a few days longer, people looking to have a hardware repair done fast and cheap may want to shop around before calling me.

My hard drive replacement service is the best price around, this is because replacing a hard drive is easy for me to do and high quality hard drive are readily available at a low cost. 24 hours is my turn around time for replacing a hard drive, this also includes the transferring of the data and OS installation.

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