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Steven Schaeneman biography

Born in the late 1960's, I Steven Schaeneman grew up in and around Boston Massachusetts and moved to Western Mass in 1998. Living in Western Mass has been a lot better for me then living in the Boston area. Traffic in and around Boston is to much for me to handle, every time I go home I can not wait to get back to Western Mass so I can relaxes and enjoy life. I think it is easier to breath in Western Mass, I never get bronchitis or sick living here.

In 1999 I went to a computer training school in Springfield, MA, The Urban League of Springfield inc, and I started working with computers. Now I work for myself repairing all types of computer problems. I never would of thought prier to 1999 that things would of turned around like this, before I started repairing computers I worked as an automotive collision repair technician and I did not like it, I am happy with the way things are now.

I live by my self and have a cat that I adopted in 2007, she was about 5 years old when I adopted her. Her name is Pretty Rose they named her that at the T.J. O'Conner Animal Shelter in Springfield, MA, most of the time I just call her Kitty. You can see a picture of her by visiting her Facebook page my picture is here Steven's picture both of them were taking in 2013.

I help people with their computer repair problems. I offer free professional computer repair advice and instructions over the telephone, people can also bring their computers to me for repairs. I have helped a lot of people fix their computers for free over the telephone. I lean from helping other people, this is why I offer free computer repair services. Also it makes me feel good knowing I am doing something to help others with out seeking financial gain.

The best way to contact me is by texting to: (413) 388-3121, my main email account is , if you have a computer problem I prefer to communicate over the telephone.

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